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If you have problems, so be it. While there's nothing wrong with that, it's also not so realistic, nor does it really leave room for women's sexuality and sexual response to be just what it is, rather than a mimicry of mens sexuality or mens sexual response. That is what is sought to normalize - women's sexuality as the sexuality of women, not that for men's enjoyment. His efforts with you sexually should be about exploring and finding out what's uniquely cool and amazing about you and the two of you. In American movie ratings, showing the face of a man being pleasured gets a lower rating than if you show a woman's. Everyone loves to hear her rant There is informed consent, there had to have been a comfortable and safe setting for it to happen - there's nothing in it that says exploitation, other than the association we usually make with female sexuality - that if it is displayed in any way, it's for someone else's enjoyment. How Can I Fix This? Sharon Halfhill 1 year ago What she said.


That's how u do it


Amazing Quality on this upload! Love Her! Hard to find! Thank You Again for the Great Quality!


are they ... married ... ?!?

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